Where to find help

June 2017 ยท 2 minute read

Note that Portable GIS only provides help for those elements of the software that are specific, or different, when using Portable GIS. You are advised to seek help on using the applications themselves from their own documentation or websites. You can get help for Portable GIS from the following places:

  • From problems with the download contact me via email (forwarded to the GitLab service desk): help [at] portablegis [dot] com or help [at] portablegis [dot] xyz,
  • For problems using the application; access the Help Menu in Portable GIS from the application, or see the User Documentation at Read The Docs
  • If you’re thinking about developing your own version read the Developer Documentation at Read The Docs,
  • To submit an issue use the repository at GitLab,
  • For general discussion and news find me on Twitter.


Portable GIS should work on any modern version of Windows from XP upwards, but performance may vary depending on the extent to which your computer is locked down.

Please ensure that your bug is related to the specifics of Portable GIS. Issues with the constituent applications should be raised with their developers.

If you find any errors please report them on the mailing list, or you can submit bugs for Portable GIS at gitlab.com/archaeogeek/portable-gis/issues and about the documentation at gitlab.com/archaeogeek/portable-gis-docs/issues.

Please provide as much information as you can to allow replication of your problem. For information on how to submit a good bug report see How To Report a Bug.